About us

J&V Carpentry is Furniture Company made up of decorators and experienced carpenters in the year 2007. The company has extensive experience building a wide array of fitted furniture and they can work across the entire London area (North, South, West, East and Central London) to build bespoke carpentry items such as fitted wardrobes and bookcases. Our company can provide a selection of friendly and fast services in every aspect of custom furniture and MDF.
We have long served the London area within the M25 range and our company continues to expand to suit the needs of our clients.
We build a wide range of furniture out of MDF. By sourcing only the best quality materials and employing a team of some of the most experienced construction experts we can deliver the best in hand-painted furniture built for your custom needs. 

Bookcase London Fitted wardrobe in south west London

Alcoves in period properties created by an original fireplace and chimney breast in the centre of the wall. Typically, these recesses are perfect place for built-in shelving in livingrooms and fitted wardrobes in bedrooms.

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What we do

Our company offers specialized made-to-measure and hand painted MDF fitted furniture. We can deliver pieces in almost any style from traditional to contemporary.
In the past we have created a wide array of projects including:
Fitted Wardrobes
Bespoke bookcases
Alcove units
Floating shelves
Storage cupboards
Custom cabinets
Radiator covers
and more.
J&V carpentry can design and construct furniture that can suit your needs directly. We take your bespoke specifications and ensure that we can create a functional product made to measure a specific space or to fit your design specifications.
We hand cut every piece required for installation and organize materials offsite to cut down on the space we use during your installation. This improves efficiency and reduces the total amount of mess/ disruption caused within your home.
We specialize primarily in MDF construction projects but please keep in mind we do not often offer sliding door wardrobes or spray paint finishes.
How we produce our fitted wardrobes:
Our company makes are fitted wardrobes and cupboards in any style you may be interested in. Whether you have an idea for a traditional wardrobe or a very modern style, our fitted wardrobes can perfectly fit to your space and provide the utmost in functionality every day.
We want to create long-standing customer relationships ensuring that all of your clothing will fit into the wardrobe and that you can make perfect use of every shelf. We purpose build our wardrobe doors and the cabinetry for your ideal storage needs.
We can source and include specialty fixtures for your wardrobe that can help you capture the Victorian-style or any other touch for your installation.
How we produce our fitted bookcases:
Our fitted bookcases can be created in almost any type of modern or traditional way. We can offer standard size 18 to 25 mm shelves or make changes to include thicker or floating style shelves based off of your specifications.
Our fitted bookcases can be integrated into almost any wall or work in an alcove of your home. We will work with the shape of your room and install bookcases to your specifications. Our bookcases can include fitted cabinets are covered for storage as well as adjustable shelves to help you make changes as necessary.
Fixed shelving options can give you the chance to store your books or create a grand library on your property. We can even produce shelving and alcove cabinets which are perfect as a TV and entertainment unit or as a cupboard for hiding away your DVDs, Blu-ray's or video games.
Improve your organization and reduce clutter with our custom fitted bookcases.
 Many of our wardrobe pieces, bookshelves and display units can include LED strip lights. As we are building the cabinet we integrate LED lighting to improve the light levels inside of any type of cabinet. Not only can this create a stylish effect for the furniture piece but it can highlight the clothing and help you have easier choices with your fitted wardrobe.
We have a specialty hanging rail with a sensor that turns the light on automatically with the door opening. We can also cut a groove in the back of floating shelves to ensure that lighting strips can be installed inside the groove to backlight books.
LED lighting strips have become an extremely popular extra feature that our construction experts can include with almost any piece we construct.
  • Highly recommended

    JV Carpentry designed and built our fitted wardrobes, we’re thrilled with the end result – very reasonable priced too and design was tailored perfectly to meet our specific needs


  • Beautiful shelves, great service

    Quick and professional service. Really well designed and built product; beautifully finished; great care taken with painting the shelves and keeping everything tidy. Very highly recommended.

    Sam B.


  • Outstanding service

    JV carpentry did an excellent job on a large shelving unit. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Dann Irving

  • Very happy customer

    We absolutely love our new alcove cabinet and floating shelves. They’re exactly what we wanted.

    Stacey Lee

Why choose us?

Our company has over a decade of experience creating fitted furniture. We have many of the same original team members as well as new team members that benefit from their training.
Our company uses only eco-friendly, formaldehyde free MDF for building furniture installations.
At JV carpentry we are all about creating customer relationships and for enhancing the look of any home. Whether you need a large fitted wardrobe, and alcove bookshelf or a small cupboard we will take every effort to protect your floor, cover furniture and clean up after we have finished the job.
Our staff members each receive customer service training and it is our goal to create ongoing customer relationships. We want to improve client satisfaction as well as make quality furniture products that they can enjoy for years to come.



Wardrobe fitted in north London