What are alcove shelving, and what are their benefits?

Also known as alcove bookshelves, alcove shelving will allow you to use all potential space inside you alcove, creating lots of storage and bringing the beauty to your living room. So what do we call an alcove? In our case it is a small recessed section in a room enclosed by wall on one side and chimney breast on another. Here in the UK we have lots of period properties which were built with chimney breast in the center of the wall. This chimney breast normally creates two alcove spaces either side. These alcove spaces are perfect places to fit your shelves and cabinets. On this page we put together some of out alcove projects we did in the past. I hope that gives you lots of great ideas to choose your perfect design.

Alcove bookshelves painted with interesting and quite unusual colour

Alcove bookshelves dark colour (RHS)

Dark alcove bookshelves (LHS)

This bespoke alcove bookcase became very popular because of its color. We used a dark paint specified by our client and the result was quite good. With almost 50k impressions on Pinterest these alcoves are on the first place of great ideas. The rough price for those fitted alcoves is around £1900+VAT

Living room alcove cupboards with paneled doors and bookshelves above

Living room alcoves shelving either side of the nice fireplace

The main feature of these alcoves is that the shelving units above the cabinets are not in line with the chimney breast and sticking out by a few inches. This is a very good idea for the shallow alcoves in order to maximize the shelving space. It also doesn't look bad at all especially the cornice around the corner of the top of the shelving unit. Those two built-in alcove bookshelves would roughly cost £2000+VAT

Alcove shelves with lights

Fitting the light into your alcove shelves it's always a brilliant idea! By adding light into the bookshelves you transform your living room and creating a cozy atmosphere which can boost your mood. Find out more about this project including the cost...

Traditional alcove bookshelves

Traditioanla alcove shelving units

An example of traditional alcove bookshelves with Victorian style detailing to match the property features. As you can see those tow alcove shelving units made with a lot of details such as grooves on the side columns and dressing moldings.

Random alcove shelves contemporary and with minimum details

random alcove floating shelves with cabinet (LHS)

random alcove floating shelves with cabinet (RHS)

Another great example of an alcove shelving units with random floating shelves in modern living room. The shelves design to creating different size random cubby holes inside the alcoves with thickness of the shelves to be around 43mm. The shelves fitted randomly but the alcove units built symmetrical so left and right units are like mirror reflection of each other. The lower alcove cabinets designed to be in line with the chimney breast same depth as a shelves.

Our most demanded alcove floating shelves with cupboards at the bottom.

Alcove floating shelves with cabinet (LHS)

Alcove floating shelves with cabinet (RHS)

The style of this alcove shelving is definitely one of our best sellers. We made these alcoves in 2011 and since then this design is a very popular choice.

White alcove bookshelves

white alcove bookcase. idea 6 -1

white alcove bookcase. idea 6 - 2

Traditional white alcove shelving with cabinets. They are pretty much the same style as the first two alcove bookshelves but painted in white finish.

Alcove shelving with glass doors

Fitted Alcove display unit and floating shelves

Fitted Alcove display unit and floating shelves -2

In this example we show you to alcove units. The one on the left is made with floating shelves and a lower cabinet. The unit inside the right alcove is designed to have a display cabinet with paneled glass doors giving you an opportunity to keep your favorite things on show but away from dust.

Alcove shelving with TV cabinet

Alcove bookcase with TV cabinet, isea 7-2

Alcove tv cabinet with floating shelves above

Alcoves in the living room are not only good for shelves, they are also perfect places for your TV cabinet.  Here we are sharing with you two examples of alcove shelves made with a TV cabinet at the bottom. In the first example the cabinet was made with a sort of open shelf to store your TV equipment. The second picture of the alcove features floating shelves above the cabinet with the shallow shelf for the sound bar above TV.

Alcove floating shelves with shaker cabinets

alcove floating shelves, idea 5, LHS

alcove floating shelves idea 5, RHS

Above we share another option for your alcove shelves in your living room. This one is quite simple. Only 3 floating shelves and lower alcove cabinet with shaker doors. Minimum details and simple look it's a good idea especially if you are looking to save some money.

Alcove bookshelves only and without cabinets at the bottom.

shelving alcove unit with shelves from top to bottom

Alcove shelving unit without cabinet

Here the two examples of alcove shelving units made without cabinets at the bottom. Why build the cabinet if you want more space for books? Making shelves from the bottom right to the top of your alcove you create a lot of storage space for your books.

Another example of classic alcove bookcases with cabinets

Traditional alcove bookcase idea13

classic alcove shelving with cabinet idea 14

Classic fitted bookshelves inside living room alcoves. Containing plenty of detailing like skirting at the bottom, beading around the doors and grooves along the side of the units.

Alcove bookshelves with log storage

Looking for alcove log store ideas? Combine wood storage with drawers and shelves like on this example above. You don't need to have firewood storage on both alcoves. Like in this case we have normal classic alcove bookshelves on one side, however on another side we have completely different alcove design. This alcove is made with a wood storage cabinet and drawers at the bottom finishing with shelving above.

Few more great ideas for you alcove shelving units

alcove shelving ideas 11

alcove shelving ideas 12

If you'd like to see more ideas of the living room fitted furniture, not only alcoves but also large wall shelving units, please follow the link below:

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