Fitted wardrobe around a window whit the dressing table

Fitted wardrobe built around window with dressing table

A clever design of the wardrobes with dressing table just below the window. The table features two column of chest of drawers plus shelves in the corner.  We cannot afford to lose that valuable storage space and we created a hatch in the corner of the dressing table for an access to the basket storage. To see more examples of the wardrobes with dressing table please follow the link - wardrobes with dressing table ideas

How to build an alcove wardrobe if the window too close?

It is never a straightforward task to build a fitted wardrobe and sometimes you meet issues like windows or radiators on your way. If you appear to be in this situation then this idea on how to install the wardrobe around the window is what you can find here. In this example we built a wardrobe around the window which is very close to an alcove. As experience tells me you might meet this problem in the properties located in South west of London.



Built in wardrobe around window

Wardrobe around window with doors open

This space behind that pillow between the wardrobe and the window is fully accessible and created by request for some additional cost.

Fitted wardrobes next to the window

fitted wardrobe close to the window

Wardrobe built close to the window

fitted wardrobe opposite the window

Few photos of our wardrobes we built close to the window.

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