Fitted wardrobe with over bed storage for small bedroom

small bedroom wardrobe with over bed storage

In a small bedroom every inch is on the count that's why a fitted wardrobe with over bed storage is a perfect idea for getting extra storage space above your bed. In this example we are showing you an idea of maximizing all potential space in a tiny bedroom. This wardrobe is also made with small bedside tables for an extra comfort. For more ideas on how to build the wardrobe over the bed please click here.

Built-in wardrobe with desk for small kid's bedroom

wardrobe with desk for small bedroom

This wardrobe has been designed to fit a small bedroom for kids. It's made with a large amount of desk space to make it perfect for kids' study rooms. Fitted wardrobe also features some shelving and overhead cupboard space provides this small room with maximum storage space.

Slim fitted wardrobe for a small baby room with open design

space saving wardrobe for small rooms

Fitted wardrobe with the lots of drawers would work perfectly great to organise your clothes for your in small bedroom. In this example you can see that this wardrobe has no doors for the middle part and features open hanging space with shelving columns. Moreover this wardrobe made with overhead storage space with the cupboard doors at the very top.

Convert your small bedroom into a dressing room.

small bedroom storage solution

This large fitted wardrobe in a small bedroom converts it into a dressing room.

Small alcove wardrobes either side of the bed

Small alcove wardrobes in bedroom

small alcove wardrobe with open doors


In this example you can see how we made small alcove wardrobes either side of the bed in a tiny room.  Wardrobes made with push-to-open shaker doors and inside you will find four drawers. Drawers are an essential feature for small rooms, because they keep you things well organized and store them very efficiently by using less space than shelves.

Small fitted wardrobe

A small fitted wardrobe in the corner of the bedroom design for a single man. The idea was to use as little space as possible and as a result to make the room look bigger! This small wardrobe is good solution to keep one persons clothes well organised. Because of small size this wardrobe doesn't cost you much, saves you a penny and still be able to provide you with lots of storage space. Moreover, small fitted wardrobe can be also a good solution for your guest bedroom where you don't want to build a massive wardrobe and keep the bedroom more spacious.

Small made-to-measure wardrobe

Small built-in wardrobe in the corner of the bedroom by the door. Painted slightly offwite colour

Small wardrobe inside ideas

TFitted wardrobe with small TVhis bespoke wardrobe housing a small TV and few drawers underneath for keeping underwear and socks well organised. As you can see from the photo and the drawings interior of the small wardrobe was made with two small drawers at the bottom for shoes and a lot of the hanging space for either shot and long clothes. Additional to the hangers there are also a lot of the shelving space inside of this compact fitted wardrobe.

Small fitted wardrobe design

small fitted wardrobe drawing with dimensions

Around 10 days before we book installation of the wardrobe we providing our detailed drawing to show you complete design. Whether you need a small wardrobe or large fitted bedroom we are paying attention to the details and creating an architectural AutoCad drawing with all important sizes and measurements. As an example here you can see a drawing of this small built-in wardrobe.

This small bespoke wardrobe took 1 day for carpenters to fit  and 2 days for painter to hand paint with three coats of paint on site.

The price of this small fitted wardrobe is £2000+VAT including external and internal drawers, fully fitted and painted.

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Compact bedroom storage solution

wardrobe for small bedroom


In small bedroom the wardrobe should be compact but at the same time should provides us with maximum storage space. In order to do this it is necessary to build the wardrobe right to the ceiling.

Small room wardrobes either side of the bed

Small fitted wardrobes either side of the bed

A pair of bespoke wardrobes designed to be on either side of the bed in a small bedroom. These wardrobes feature some drawers, bedside table space, a corner floating shelves and in addition a hanging storage space which are very important things in a small bedroom.

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