Classic and trendy bespoke wardrobes with shaker doors is designed specifically for our customers who are living in Kilburn, North West London. This artistically crafted bespoke wardrobes has a sturdy construction as made of high quality MDF and wood material.
In order to paint this wardrobe, we use white eggshell paint to give it an amazing bright look. The shaker style doors and chunky frame around are adding an extra element of charm in the beauty of these wardrobes.

bespoke fitted wardrobe with shaker doors

Bespoke fitted wardrobe with open doors

The wardrobes made to our customer specifications and that's meaning they absolutely bespoke and made to measure.  Both of the wardrobes crafted with drawers at the bottom which are perfect to keep your different stored things safe all the time. They are perfect option for keeping all your required things well organized and handy.

bespoke and made-to-measure fitted wardrobe with four shaker doors

Our bespoke wardrobes are made to measure and perfect to fit well in any room space.  The picture of this white built-in wardrobe above is a good example. This wardrobe made with four bespoke doors from floor to the ceiling.

Bespoke wardrobe interior design. This picture showing an idea how to manage the space inside the wardrobe

With its wonderful interior construction, the wardrobe is also spacious as it contains plenty of shelves for storing folded clothes. Moreover, in the left section you can see a lot of space for hanging. The shaker doors for these wardrobes made with extra wide opening 170° hinges

interior wardrobe design

The section on the right inside this bespoke wardrobe designed with three fully extended drawers at the bottom for socks and underwear. In additional to this, there is a handing rail for short and medium length clothes and large storage space above for the suitcases and large boxes.

In conclusion, these bespoke wardrobes featuring on this page are good example showing how we design and build our wardrobes. if you run out of storage space and looking for bespoke fitted wardrobes our wardrobes will give you everything you need. First - plenty of the storage space to organise your clothes and Second - they bring you some beauty to your room. Please contact us today to get a free quotation.

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