Here at JV carpentry we can make bespoke radiator covers to match the style of your home. Our built-in radiator covers can be fully fitted with removable front panel for an access to the taps.

Our fitted radiator covers will provide you with an extra shelving space where you can display a picture frame or place some other items as well as keep traditional look of your London property.

We can craft your radiator cover to match the style of your property and it can be a nice piece of fitted furniture that perfectly match your fitted wardrobes or cupboards at your home.


If you have a radiator in the hallway a bespoke radiator cover will give you a lot of benefits - an extra shelf above it with nice grilled front will protect your child from burning the hands as well as create a perfect place to keep your mail on top of the shelf. This nice piece of fitted furniture might block a tiny amount of heat but will add a nice d├ęcor and won't take any of the useful space at your home.

We normally make our fitted radiator covers with skirting board at the bottom and it can be match to existing skirting board in the bedroom, living room or hallway. The front of our bespke radiator cover normally made with removable panel for an easy access to your radiator. If you looking to cover your old radiator with new bespoke and fitted radiator cover and you based in London then please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide your with free quote no matter if you looking to install a radiator cover or any other fitted furniture installation.

Bespoke radiator cover fitted in the hallway. It's not only hiding the radiator with beautiful piece of fitted furniture, it also give you an extra shelving space and protect your kids for burning their hands

Radiator cover ideas. Bespoke radiator cover is nice piece of fitted furniture which brings the beauty to your home