Classic Fitted Wardrobe with beaded shaker doors and cornice



This fitted wardrobe is 2.4 meter wide and 2.3m tall and was installed for a client living in a 3 bedroom house in Hanwell West London area. It was hand-painted on site to grey eggshell finish. Interior of this wardrobe made with shoe racks and some shelving and hanging space.

Fitted shaker wardrobes

Fitted wardrobe hand painted
Alcove wardrobe

Fitted wardrobe made with shaker doors, top cupboard and additional coving. This wardrobe made for the client in Ealing West London area


Fitted wardrobes with panneled doors

Fitted wardrobe with shaker doors
Alcove wardrobe


Fitted wardrobe with shaker panelled doors and plain trim around. It was built for a client living in a flat located in North West London.

Modern Fitted wardrobes with cut out handles

Fitted wardrobe contemporary style

This wardrobe fitted into the alcove space. It feature a simple modern finish and made with cut-out handles. Interior made with some shelving and hanging space. the  unit is around 1.5 meter wide and 2.9 meters tall. Made of MDF and hand-painted in situ to white eggshell finish. Kilburn, north west London.


Fitted wardrobe contemporary with round knobs

Fitted wardrobe with flush doors

This clean-line contemporary wardrobe is 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters tall and contain eight drawers and mix of shelves and hanging rails behind doors and nicely fitting all of his and hers clothes. It was built for a client in small property in Battersea where space was limited and every inch mattered. The wardrobe is made of quality MDF hand painted in the property after been installed. The project took 3 days.

Classic fitted wardrobe with ressesed moulding

Fitted warrobes hand painted grey colour

This classic wall-to-wall wardrobe is 4.1 meters wide and 2.8 meters tall and was made for a client living in a two bedroom house in Putney West London area. The wardrobe is made of MDF and hand-painted on site to a grey eggshell finish. The structure houses six large drawers, shelves, three pull-out shoe racks and hanging rails. The project took 6 days from start to finish.

Alcove Fitted wardrobes with mouldings and cornices

Made to measure fitted wardrobes
Traditional fitted wardrobes

These traditional alcove wardrobes fitted either side of the chimney breast were designed and built for a client living in Victorian property in East London. The details on the wardrobes perfectly matching original style of the house. These fitted wardrobes made out of MDF and hand painted in situ by JV carpentry in Ilford.

Fitted wardrobe with coving along the top to match existing

Fitted wardrobe with shaker beaded doors, traditional

This fitted wardrobe made with coving along the top to match existing and shaker beaded doors. It's 1.1 meter wide and 2.5m tall. It was made with some shelving, hanging space and two pull-out shoe racks behind the doors. Made out of MDF and hand painted on site in Islington, North London

Fitted wardrobe with tall shaker beaded doors

Tall fitted wardrobe

These alcove fitted wardrobes were built for the client living in Kew gardens, West London. They made with tall floor to ceiling panelled and beaded doors and additional coving at the top. Made out of MDF and hand painted cream colour after installation in situ

Wardrobe fitted around the chimney breast

Fitted wardrobe classic traditional style
Classic fitted wardrobe

This shaker wardrobe made around chimney breast with that middle sections coming out in front of the chimney and sections on either side fitted into the alcoves. Traditional coving fitted along the top to create feeling that this wardrobe was built with the house at the same time. Interior of this wardrobe made with some drawers and shoe racks to maximise the storage space. This wardrobe was made for the client in Fulham, South West London.

Fitted wardrobe with mirror doors

Fitted warrobe with mirrors


Traditional alcove wardrobe made with panelled mirrored doors in the middle was built for a client living in Hammersmith, West London. The wardrobe is 3.6 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall. To keep originals details of the room this wardrobe was built with the gap between the ceiling. Made of MDF hand-painted to an off-white eggshell finish. Three middle panelled doors are faced with mirrors to maximise the light in the room. Installation and painting took no more than 5 days.

Fitted wardrobe with 4 panneled doors

Fitted wardrobe with panneled doors

This fitted wardrobe made with four panned shaker doors and a cornice along the top for the client living in West London area. This wardrobe is fitting well in either modern or traditional properties

Contemporary fitted Bookshelves 'Crazy paving like'

Contemporary fitted bookcase
fitted bookcase

This large contemporary clean-line row of cabinets and chunky shelves was installed in modern property in Shepherds Bush area. The client who gave us this idea and helped us to design this unit named it a 'crazy paving like' shelving unit. This configuration of the shelves make this unit unique piece of furniture with plenty of space to display your items and store your books. The doors equipped with push catches and cupboards nicely fitting all things you wish to hide from view.

Contemporary fitted alcove cupboards and Bookshelves

Fitted bookcase london
Fitted alcove bookshelves

Traditional alcove cupboard with modern floating shelves above. The cupboard is coming out few inches to create a nice corner with beaded details

Installed and hand painted to white eggshell finish by JV Carpentry in Hendon, North London

Fitted Alcove cupboards with bookshelves

Fitted alcove bookcase
Alcove bookshelves

Classic alcove cupboard with bookcase above. Similar to the example on the left but instead of floating shelves made traditional way with framed shelves.

Made by JV Carpentry in Acton, West London London

Traditional fitted alcove cupboards with shelving

Fitted bookcase traditional style

These classic alcove units were designed and made for a property in Lee, East London that kept all of its original features from the past. The units feature bottom cupboards for storage with moulded panelled doors and three grooves on the frame and open shelves above. The units are around 1.5 meter wide and 2.8 meters tall. Made of quality MDF these pieces of furniture were installed and hand-painted in around four days.

Modern fitte alcove cupboards and shelving

Fitted alcove bookcases, contemporary style, London

These contemporary alcove units were made for modern property in Wandsworth , South West London They are around 1m wide and made with plain, push to open cupboard doors and chunky shelves with different size cubby holes.